Q: Is my piece worth refinishing

A:  If you have a piece of furniture that is special to you, whether its a family piece or something you have had for years and want to bring back to life, than we would say its worth having it worked on. It really depends on how much you care for it.

Q: How long is my piece going to take?


A: For most projects the turnaround for things is 3- 6 weeks. However it depends also on the size of the job and amount of work to be done. A chair, for example, that's just being re-glued can be done in a week. If you're getting an entire dining suite refinished, than we expect that to take a minimum of 6 weeks. Other mid size projects will fall somewhere in between those times. 

Q: How much will it cost?

A: Every project we approach will have a set of variables that determine the amount of labour and final cost to the customer. As with most custom services- refinishing and restoring is a delicate operation that requires a visual inspection to determine the time involved to get the job done. We do our best to accomodate the customer and give price quotes after seeing the pieces.